November 5th City Council Meeting

  • At our last Council Meeting in October, the council was asked to vote on a resolution requesting that the Department of Justice investigate MPD’s handling of this case. Following usual procedure, we waited until the November 5th meeting before voting in order to give the city attorney time to review and have a resolution in writing for us to vote on.
  • The council voted 4–1, passing the resolution asking the DOJ to investigate the handling of the Andreacchio case. The stated reason for the lone “no” vote dealt with concerns of violating the Hatch Act, citing the optics of such a vote on an Election Day. It’s important to note that the City Council always meets on the first Tuesday of the month, and that Election Day is always held on the first Tuesday in November.

2. Order Authorizing acceptance of engagement letter from BKD, LLP to prepare the City’s FY’ 2019 audit.

  • BKD interviewed for the job of performing our annual audit, with the selection committee consisting of Councilwoman Houston, a member of the administration, and myself. I was very impressed with their presentation and believe that they will be able to provide the city with an informative and instructive audit that will help us moving forward.
  • The council tabled the vote, due to not yet receiving an engagement letter from BKD. We expect to be able to vote at the November 19th council meeting.

3. Order Authorizing lease agreement with Ben Nelson Golf & Outdoor for golf carts.

4. Orders Authorizing Engineering Services.

5. Order authorizing agreement with Mississippi Power Co. for pad-mounted electrical box on city right-of-way.

6. Resolution authorizing sale of surplus property (Old Police Station) & authorizing deed execution.

7. Tru Hotel Tax Abatement

8. Citizen’s Comments

The Council meeting concluded with a series of Executive Sessions concerning Economic Development and Personnel Performance.

There is a work session scheduled for next Tuesday, November 12th, at 9am on the third floor of City Hall. The meeting is open to the public.



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Weston Lindemann

Weston Lindemann


Meridian, MS City Councilman and Independent Candidate for Mayor.